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Install Cisco ISE using CIMC

The Cisco Integrated Management Interface (CIMC) permits monitoring of the server inventory, health, and system event logs using the built-in Cisco Integrated Management Controller (CIMC) GUI or CLI interfaces. It’s like the ILO interface in a server.

This is not the fastest solution, but it permits to install Cisco ISE remotely.

First of all, the CIMC must be configured!

#1 - Connect the CIMC interface to your network;

#2 - Open a browser using http://IP_CIMC (In my case I just can open using Firefox);

#3 - Click “Launch KVM Console”;

#4 - Click “Virtual Media” and select “Activate Virtual Devices”;

#5 - Mount the ISO image file using “Map CD/DVD”;

#6 - Choose Macros, Ctrl-Alt-Del to boot the appliance using the ISO image;

#7 - When the BIOS appears, press F6 to bring up the boot menu and select “Cisco vKVM ...”;

#8 - Wait for a long time! ☕😴

#9 - If everything goes well, you see the Cisco ISE install menu;

Please type ‘setup’ to configure the appliance localhost login:

#10 - At the login prompt, enter setup and press Enter;

#11 - The console displays a set of parameters;

#12 - After the setup program is run, the system reboots automatically;

#13 - Now you can log in to Cisco ISE using the username and password that was configured during the setup process;

NOTE: The eth0 interface of ISE must be statically configured with an IPv6 address if you want to add a Domain Name Server or an NTP Server with an IPv6 address.

#14 - Check the status of the ISE processes by entering the "show application status ise" command.

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