Installing License on Cisco CSR1000V

The Cisco Cloud Services Router (CSR) 1000v is a virtual router that can run on VMWare, Citrix, KVM, HyperV and even AWS.

When downloading the virtual appliance it works for 60 days with AX license – Application Experience, and 100-Kbps of throughput.

It is an interesting equipment to do lab/simulations and also to have in production. And in this case, to continue using the router, we need to add the appropriate licenses.

Available licenses:

IP Base Technology package, 10 Gbps;

SEC Technology package, 5 Gbps;

APP Technology package, 5 Gbps;

AX Technology package, 2.5 Gbps;

1000 broadband sessions;

12 GB memory upgrade.

After purchasing the license and downloading it (, just copy the file to the CSR100V flash and instruct the equipment to use it.

Step 01) Checking current status;

Step 02) Copying license to flash;

Step 03) Installing the license;

Step 04) Setting the router to use license on next boot;

Step 05) Save the config and restart the router;

Step 06) Check the license in use;

Step 07) Check the license throughput;

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