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Juniper | Recovery Root Password

Recovering Root Password for Juniper Devices can be done in few simple steps.

➪ This procedure is applicable for Juniper MX, M, EX, SRX, ACX, T, and PTX series devices.

Step#1: Connect your Juniper device with your laptop through console, and select the appropriate COM port to use;

Step#2: After connecting console cable, reboot the device;

Step#3: Keep pressing space bar at the beginning of the boot sequence. If you are doing it properly, below output will be shown;

Step#4: In this step, we need to boot in single-user mode. To do that, we need use boot -s command;

Step#5: After booting, we will end up with below output;

We need to type 'recovery' to start root password recovery process.

Step#6: After typing recovery, it will start performing the initialization of management services and will start the CLI;

Step#7: Now, go to configuration mode using configure command;

Step#8: Configure new root password and commit the configuration;

Step#9: Now you need to reboot the device which is mandatory. If you start exiting from configuration mode, it will ask to reboot the device just like below;

Step#10: After reboot, you will be able to login with new password.

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