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Smart Coder +

Integra Optics’ SmartCoder allows users to rapidly reconfigure pluggable transceivers. It includes plugs for CFP2, CFP4, XFP, QSFP+/QSFP28, SFP+/SFP28 and CFP optical transceivers, and it enables you to easily reconfigure Integra Optics’ transceivers for any network hardware. Simply install the SmartCoder application and plug the SmartCoder into your computer USB port.

Benefits of the Integra Optics’ Smart Coder +:

• Recode all Integra transceivers in current form factors from 1G to 400G, for over 50+;

• OEM platforms;

• Reduce sparing! Use the Smart Coder+ to tune 10G tunables or recode to a 10G or 1G fixed DWDM channel;

• Recode transceivers as many times as needed;

• Conduct diagnostic monitoring on both Integra and non-Integra brand transceivers

(transmit power, receive power, temperature, and more);

• Offline tuning capabilities;

• Recode cabled transceivers;

• Recode frequently used platforms with our new “Favorites and Searching” functionality;

• Quickly recode multiple components to the same platform/finished part with batch coding;

• Plug in multiple Smart Coders to the same computer and recode optics in parallel;

• Easily select parts and platforms with user-friendly interface;

• Work with Integra engineers in real time through the app’s remote support feature.

Installation Manual:


• Windows 7 or higher Latest Windows;

• Internet Explorer (obtained through Windows Update);

• Administrative Privileges;

• Active Internet Connection;

• 512 Mb of RAM or greater.

Installation Procedure

Once all prerequisite checks and controls are positively finished, the install process can start.

1. Ensure board is not plugged in.

2. Please head to the following URL:;

3. Download the software and follow the instructions on the screen in order to proceed;

4. You’ll need administrative privileges to install the program and the drivers associated;

5. During the first run of the software, you’ll be prompted to install the drivers associated with the board;

6. On the second launch of the app, if there is no board detected, you’ll be brought to the board detection screen. Plug the board in and click “Rescan Devices” once to see if the serial number of the board appears in the drop-down menu click sign in.


• Ensure board USB is plugged in and powered;

• Navigate to the Start Menu and find “SmartCoder”;

• Start the Application and Validate your board is detected via the settings menu under your company name.

Uninstall or Roll-back

To uninstall the program, head into Uninstall Programs from the Control Panels. Locate SmartCoder and click uninstall.


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