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Try macOS on Windows

In this post, I will show you how to install macOS on Windows using VirtualBox hypervisor.

#1) You need to install Microsoft Visual C++ on your Windows:

#2) Reboot your system.

#3) Install VirtualBox:

#4) Reboot your system.

#5) Download macOS image:

#6) Create a new virtual machine using the new ISO:

Base Memory: 8192Mb

Processors: 4 CPUs

Disk Size: 120Gb

Video Memory: 128Mb

#7) Before you install your macOS, you should make the following customizations in your "CMD" (as administrator):

#8) Now you can install your macOS.

#9) During the installation, choose "Disk Utility":

"Show all Devices":

Select a harddisk media and click "Erase":

After that, back to the menu and click "Install macOS"

#10) If you need to adjust your screen size to 1280x720, type the command below on your "CMD" as administrator:

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