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Upgrade Readiness Tool (URT)

Cisco ISE Upgrade Readiness Tool (URT) helps detect and fix any data upgrade issues before you start the upgrade process.

Most of the upgrade failures occur because of data upgrade/corruption issues.

The URT is designed to validate the data before the upgrade to identify, and report or fix the issue. If the URT fails it will create a file which can be shared with TAC for further troubleshooting.

The URT can be downloaded from the ISE download page on Cisco. The URT tool can be run on a Secondary Administration Node (PAN), for high availability and other deployments with multiple nodes, or on the Standalone Node for a single-node deployment. There is no downtime for running this tool.

⚠️ In multiple-node deployments, do not run the URT on the Primary PAN. ⚠️

The following prerequisites are checked by the URT tool:

  • Version compatibility;

  • Persona checks;

  • Disk space;

  • NTP server;

  • Memory;

  • System and trusted certificate validation.

#1) Upload the files to the SFTP server from your laptop.

ISE/admin# copy sftp://<ip>/ise-urtbundle- disk:/

In this example, you already have a repository configured! 🕶

#2) Install the Upgrade Readiness Tool.

ISE/admin# application install ise-urtbundle- <repo-name>

Save the current ADE-OS running configuration? (yes/no) [yes] ? yes

Once the URT has finished all the checks, we should be able to see the time estimate for the upgrade. If you get all "successful" message, the actual ISE upgrade should go smooth.

Running data upgrade for node specific data on cloned database

- Successful

Time estimate for upgrade


(Estimates are calculated based on size of config and mnt data only. Network latency between PAN and other nodes is not considered in calculating estimates)

Estimated time for each node (in mins):

MNT data is 40 GB, purging this data can reduce upgrade time


MNT data is 40 GB, purging this data can reduce upgrade time


Final cleanup before exiting...

Application successfully installed

#3) We can now remove URT from ISE.

ISE/admin# application remove urt Continue with application removal? (y/n) [n] ? y Application successfully uninstalled

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