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A10 | Change the Admin Password

A10 Networks' Thunder, AX Series, EX Series and ID Series products solve network, security and identity management problems affecting corporations of all sizes. A10 solutions are high-performance and high-availability appliances specifically engineered to deliver unprecedented acceleration, identification and visibility to network activities.

First step: Log in to the device using the default user name admin and default password a10 but A10 Networks recommends that you change the admin password immediately for security. ⚠️

By default, Telnet access is disabled on all interfaces, including the management interface. SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, and SNMP access are enabled by default on the management-interface only, and disabled by default on all data interfaces.

Use the command below to change admin/enable password:

A10-Active-vMaster[1/1](config:1)# admin admin password password1

A10-Active-vMaster[1/1](config:1)# enable-password password2


If you need to do a factory reset, do the steps below:

Login: reset

Password: serial-number

The serial number can be found on the back of the A10 device and use as uppercase!

After you log in, the CLI presents the following questions:

#1 - Do you want to reset admin password to default?[y/n]:

#2 - Do you want to reset enable password to default?[y/n]:

#3 - Do you want to erase startup config?[y/n]:

Answering "y" to the first question resets the admin account to its factory default values: admin, a10

Answering "y" to the second question resets the enable password to its factory default value: <blank>

Answering "y" to the third question clears the startup-config, thus resetting the AX configuration to its factory defaults.

CAUTION! If you answer "y" to this question, you will need to reconfigure the device.

Answer "y" to at least the first question, so that you can log on.

After logging in with the default root account (admin, a10), make sure to change the admin password.

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