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A10 | Packet Capture

This article will help you how we can perform packet capture in A10 Loadbalancer. While troubleshooting some issues sometimes we require to take packet captures at every node that the packet travels. Different vendors in the networking industry encode different modules in their software that capture packets. A10 Loadbalancer uses a tool called AxDebug that perform packet capture. The packets captured can be saved to a filename in PCap format, exported, and viewed via Wireshark.

Below are the commands to set the BGP capture for IP address

Or if you can see all the traffic, just to it:

If you need, change the count value - the default is 3,000.

Display all the capture you have set using below command:

Now run the capture as below:

#1) Here you can see the all capture output:

#2) Here you can save your capture as Wireshark file:

AxDebug commands:

Display saved capture files:

└Check the debug status:

Delete capture file:

Disable axedebug:

You can download you capture file into A10 using a GUI mode:

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