• Diniz Martins


This tool is design to find Admin Panel of any website by using custom wordlist or default wordlist easily.

Grab the result and paste to your web browser:

How to install:

Usages: -site <url of website> - Website to scan --proxy <prorocol>-<proxyserverip:port> - Scan admin panel using proxy server --t <second(s)> - Time delay for a thread to scan (To prevent from getting HTTP 508) --w <path/of/custom/wordlist> - custom wordlist Example: ./scan.py -site example.com ./scan.py -site example.com --t 1 ./scan.py -site example.com example2.com ./scan.py -site example.com --w /custom/wordlist/list.txt ./scan.py --proxy http- -site example.com

⚠️ This tool is for educational and testing purposes only ⚠️
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