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Malware Initial Assessment

Malicious executables often attempt to hide their behavior and evade detection. By doing so, they present anomalies and suspicious patterns. Pestudio is a free tool that allows you to perform an initial assessment of a malware without even infecting a system or studying its code.

Pestudio works on any Windows machine without installation. Its footprint is zero – it makes no modifications to the system. Since the tool never starts the executable being analyzed, one does not even need a sandbox to analyze malware. There is essentially no risk of infection.


⤷ Transform RAW data into information;

Spot anomalies;

Detect embedded files;

Collect imports , exports, strings, resources , ...;

Provide hints, indicators, groups;

Provide @ MITREattack indicators;

Retrieve scores from @ Virustotal;

Consume configurations files;

Create XML report.

There are two different versions of PeStudio - Standart and Pro:


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