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Ngrok | Share files over internet

This is a simple way to share files over the internet using command line on Windows OS with no file size limit.

To share file quickly with everyone I use NGROK. You only need to download the free version at and install as administrator.

First you need to have an account to download the file and to take your token ID.

Ngrok has prepared the command for you, you just need to copy and paste it into the command windows.

This command helps you to connect to your ngrok account.

After that, you received a message that you have succeeded and now you need to share file to everyone over the internet without forwarding ports on the router.

ngrok http "file:///C:\tmp"

This is my example, but you can replace your path that you want to share.

And here is the domain name after it was shared:

Just share your domain on "forwarding" line and its done!


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